Cronache dal Muro di Berlino
Stand by me Italy

Cronache dal Muro di Berlino. A documentary film by Ezio Mauro.

A Stand by me production in collaboration with RAI CINEMA.


Telling this story, the history of the Berlin Wall, means investigating what that 155 kilometer long strip of concreteand barbed wire has meant to the lives of ordinary people, but also in international politics.

Ezio Mauro, back from the stories of the Russian revolution in -Chronicles of a revolution- and the Italian tragedy of the kidnapping and killing of Aldo Moro in «The Condemned», returns to the places that marked those 28 years.


Client: Stand by me Italy

Produttore: Simona Ercolani

Regia: Cristian di Mattia

Autori: Andrea Felici / Tommaso Vecchio con la collaborazione di Lorenzo De Alexandris

Produttore Esecutivo: Claudia Santilio

Consulenza giornalistica e storica: Tonia Mastrobuoni / Gianluca Falanga


A very special thanks to NeoDG and all their staff for delivering, as always, a high level of creativity and excellence in execution.


All work is owned by Stand by me.