Mega Jurassic
National Geographic Italy

National Geographic present a collection of introlinks «Mega Jurassic» a series of unmissable events that will revive the prehistoric era, dominated by dinosaurs. They examine the most frightening creatures that have ever inhabited our planet, even debunking some myths that have always been rooted in common thinking.

The series is introduced by the paleontologist Cristiano dal Sasso, scientific manager of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Milan and among the discoverers of the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, the largest semi-aquatic predatory dinosaur ever found.



National Geographic Italy

Creative Director: Elena Frova, Michele Ferrarese
Art Director: Mauro Zinni
Sr. Producer: Luca Sivo
3D Artist: Luca Miranda, Ambra Nobile
Designers: Luca Miranda, Alessandro di Balsamo, Ambra Nobile
Color & Post: Alessandro di Balsamo
Edit: Giandomenico Michilin
Music & Sound Designer: Stefano Maccarelli
Coordination: Sofia Didone, Sara Alaimo
Programming: Paola Acquaviva, Saverio Della Malva


All work is owned by FOX Networks Group Italy.